One Light..One Path...
SocialEyez Vs. Socialize…

  Few days ago a girl called me at my mobile and told me that I have been short listed and I’m qualified to the position they were looking for, so she requested me to drop by to their office, to which I don’t have any idea where it is located. For I just know the name of the company and she mentioned that they’re into social media PR agency, so technically I’ve heard their company few months ago, but I’m still not sure if I got it right. So hence one of my strengths is that I’m an avid information junkie, and so I did my research with the help of uncle Google!  I found the company named “SocialEyez” which is located in DSO or Dubai Silicon Oasis. So I traveled and reach there before 10am since it was the time we agreed upon. When I Stepped inside, I saw different plasma screens mounted on the wall with different news channel flashing. So I imagined this is quite entertaining it reminds me of a sci-fi movie with CIA or Pentagon or some sort of. LOL As I sat and arrived into the reception, I told Elena the girl in the counter that I have an appointment and was expecting to meet one of their employees, later to found out that the name of the girl whom I talked with doesn’t exist at all! I was shocked! And somehow disturbed! I mean there were a lot of people who’re being tricked into scams. So I looked for the register on my mobile. And let Elena call the number, and later that I found out that I went into a different office. And the location is the very exact opposite to where I am right now!, Tadadada which is in JumeirahLakeTowers… I was laughing to myself! I felt awkward. LOL! I mean the company is similar and also the way they sound (Coughs!) “SocialEyes vs. Socialize”, same right? Please don’t argue. Haha!. Yeah! so going back they both work on social media platforms, and they’re also into formulating or creating an marketing strategy online like Facebook, So I assumed it was the same company.  Without further hesitating, since I’m running out of time. considering I’m very concern when it comes to timings and schedules. And the thing is I travel by commute. So I stepped out of the building, and whoa!  Just imagine the heat! I bet it’s like 40c something, but still I walk down the path back to where the bus stop is, I stride with pride pretending I’m Aladdin enduring the summer breeze…LOL! Unfortunately the bus only stops every 30mins. I was really getting impatient. It’s really humid and hot. Even I tried so hard to focus and divert my mind that everything will be alright, once my body got the taste of Air-conditioning. Hahaha! After a couple of minutes brooding over the greens. A White Land Cruiser stopped by. It went halt for a moment then the window in the passenger seat glided, and there it is my angel! A brunette sitting in the driver’s seat she was around late twenties I think. And the good thing is she’s offering me a ride. “This is it!” I told to myself, I stared at her eyes for couple of seconds, I mean it’s really rare for people to stop nowadays and offer you something and it so good to be true (just my cynical point of view), especially we’re talking here in the middle of the dessert. LOL. I was about to reply to her saying "Yup I wanted to take a hitch but I’m not easy you know, you need to treat me to lunch first" :) but I guess I don’t want to push my luck considering this is like heaven sent. So I hopped in, luckily she said that she’s on her way to work. And she normally offers people a ride without gaining something in return. She just understands the way when you’re waiting outside and loosing hope thinking that the bus will arrive sooner later than expected. So we talked about her passion in life, her life here in the uae, like how people are coping up thru the situation and recession and all that, she was interesting, (grin) So time passed I didn’t notice that were almost near Sheik Zayed Road, so she dropped me off at Dubai World Trade Center to where the nearest metro is. Then we bid farewell. And exchange numbers. I told her that if she wasn’t for her I’ll be like a Cactus waiting to dry up. LOL, Anyway I reached the location At Last!, and met Maitrayee from Socialize found out she’s younger than I expected, We had a little chat discussing about my qualifications and a little about their company, As I can see it she’s an enthusiast and I can feel the fire burning, especially some of her colleagues, they were I think same age as I am, and I can feel the passion I’ve been looking for inside a workplace environment. So I thought to myself even if I didn’t make it. Still it is one hella job hunt experience, to sum it up.

Two things I learned, First is “Even though you got the information correct unless you’re 100% sure never assume”. Second is “Give people a benefit of a doubt” whatever it is, you might now know, The stranger you just bumped with, will be an important person in your life.



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